Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal - a cavity in the tooth root, where the blood vessels and nerves. What happens if the channel fails cleaned and sealed? Inside the tooth is an infection that causes inflammation and further enters into the bone tissue of the jaw. If you do not lie down channel, the infection will cause "Periodontitis" disease. As a result, it can lead to tooth loss. To avoid this, our experts will strictly adhere to the treatment technology. All work in the root of the tooth are under the control of X-rays and apex locator - a special apparatus that measures the length of the tooth root.

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Treatment of Pulpitis

Pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp, or the neurovascular bundle of the tooth. It has various causes: mechanical damage, but more often - caries. The main reason for aching pain in the tooth is the pulp. The consequences can carry serious nature, so you need to immediately go to the doctor as soon as there is a suspicion that he began to develop the dental pulp.

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Treatment of Periodontitis

Periodontitis - inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth, due to which there is destruction of periapical bone. The reason for the development of periodontal disease is an infection, injury, toxic substances. The consequence of periodontitis may be the formation of a purulent fistula and, in severe cases - cysts.

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Most patients are in need of preparation for prosthetics. From it depends on the success of the procedure and durability. Endodontic treatment of the teeth is one of the stages of preparation for prosthetics. The performed quality cleaning of root canal filling of them allows you to reduce the risk of possible complications after prosthesis.

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Sealing Channels

Sealing is carried out only after it has passed cleaning and / or treatment of tooth canals. To control the quality of sealing, the dentist makes an X-ray of the tooth. Thus also selected the equipment, because the different teeth of different people have different roots. Depending on the clinical picture, the channel may be sealed at once, or pre-treatment needs filling paste. Filling material becomes a barrier against infection and does not change the color of the tooth. Most often used in endodontic gutta-percha.

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