Questions and answers on dental Implants

Dental implants is gaining popularity among the missing teeth restoration techniques. However, in the minds of patients, this procedure is somewhat confusing and intimidating. Indeed, few people can easily perceive the need for screwing of a "screw" in the jaw. In addition, in your environment there are always well-wishers that claim. that implants often "do not take root."

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One-stage Implantation

This implantation is aimed at edentulous patients (or absence) of the teeth and bone atrophy. It involves implanting teeth without building, with prosthetics 3-4 day!

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Two-stage Implantation

It involves the installation of all the elements of the implant design stages. At the first stage the intramedullary member. Next comes the stage of implantation, and then the second stage of the installation of the head support (abutment) at intraosseous element. Thereafter, the abutment installed crown.

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Simultaneous Implantation

Simultaneously called this type of dental restoration, when immediately after tooth extraction in its place installed implant, and all this is happening during the same visit, the most in demand, where aesthetics is so important - namely in the smile area.

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Building Bone

Building the bone tissue in dentistry is used to create a solid foundation for dental implants. Bone tissue can be reduced in volume, if the tooth is missing for a long time, or if the teeth and gums are not treated in time. To install the implant, it is necessary to increase the amount of bone lost.