What is different from the metal-metal-free crowns?

The main difference - the ability to transmit light. If you look at the metal-ceramic crowns, we can see the dark band at the border of the gums and crowns. This is because the metal does not transmit light. Metal-free ceramic crown transmits light in the same way as a real tooth, because of the dark band is not. Another difference - frame. The metal-ceramic crowns use a metal substrate, and it is applied to the ceramic lining in Ceramics, is a zirconium oxide framework, which is encircled with the ceramic body.

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PFM crown fabrication technology requires that the inside has a metal frame, which is obtained by casting. On it is applied in layers and then the ceramic mass firings. The frame is made of more Cobalt alloy less noble metal alloys, titanium.

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Crown metal-free

Ceramics has the same degree of light refraction, like tooth enamel healthy, so the tooth crown of all-ceramic is virtually impossible to distinguish from the "live" Teeth even with very careful viewing.

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