Modern Equipment

In connection with the widespread implant more patients rely on this method, the loss of teeth.
One of the main issues to which the interests of patients - whether the implant is caught
Most often dentist leaned on rengenologicheskoe survey and our own experience, but not always, these data can objectively indicate the reliability of the implant integration.
In our clinic there is a modern device «Osstell» - Swiss production, which measures the stability of the implant installed in the "numbers", so the doctor can carry out monitoring of the stability of the implant at all stages of the work.
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Endodontic treatment - important stage in dentistry. Quality and timely treatment not only helps to avoid complications, but also increases the period of operation of the tooth itself.
Root canal treatment and further from the filling of must be carried out well and today more and more dentists use in the treatment of root canals endomotory.

Endomotor «X-Smart» - This new step in endodontic treatment.
- Reduces work time, which is very convenient not only medical, but also to the patient
- Gives the channel a tapered shape provides a tight, sealing quality, and as a result reduces the complications postplombirovochnye
- Carefully remove all infected tissue and provides preparation with maximum preservation of tooth tissue
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Company DENTSPLY Maillefer It presents you with a new generation apex locator "PropexPixi", created for dentists, seeking to improve the quality of endodontic treatment. It allows you to define as precisely as possible the working length of root canal.
The main properties:
- Accurate and reliable data
- Determination of the working length only in the apical third
- Works correctly both in dry and wet channels
- Improved control thanks to the 4-level volume
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