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Treatment gum Surgery

Periodontitis - a chronic or acute inflammatory process which affects the tissue surrounding the tooth. The cause of periodontitis - is inflammation of the gums, which treatment should be carried out by experienced and highly qualified specialists.

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Gum Treatment without Surgery

Gum Treatment without surgery include:
- Professional cleaning, during which processed and cleared of stones and plaque periodontal pockets.
- Exception traumatic elements, such as improperly set by the crown, cutting into the gum, low quality seal and bridges.
- Load distribution during chewing in violation of the teeth bite, its correction
- Gum Treatment with Plazmolifting
- Treatment with medicines and vitamins
- Gum Treatment with Laser

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Plazmolifting gums in Dentistry

Plazmolifting main task is not just to stop the development of periodontal inflammation, and activate the natural recovery of the gums form, structure, color, and also to prevent the destruction of bone tissue.
       Effect of treatments:
- Troubleshooting bleeding
- Reduction of mobility
- Relief of pain
- Elimination of bad breath
- Purchase of gum stains physiological and anatomical shape
- Acceleration of the healing area wells extracted teeth
- Reducing the risk of rejection of implants