Removable Prosthetics

This method of mounting structure, which allows the patient to self-extract and install the prosthesis if necessary. Previously dentures were cumbersome, inconvenient, causing irritation and even annoyance. Modern removable dentures changed and gone far ahead. Using new materials and new technologies. Prostheses become easier, more convenient and more comfortable.

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The acrylic Prosthesis

Acrylic dentures - a removable structure of acrylic resin, intended to restore the major defects of the dentition. Suffice aesthetic, comfortable and affordable, these prostheses can be used as a permanent prosthesis, and as a temporary option.

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Clasp Prosthesis

Bar prosthesis - is a modern kind of denture. It is convenient to use, since it need not be removed overnight. The arc, which is the basis of the frame, allowing evenly transfers chewing pressure on the entire surface of the patient's jaw, without impacting excessively abutments. Care for the product and is not difficult - it must be cleaned twice a day, concurrently with the oral hygiene procedures.

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Nylon Prosthesis

Nylon dentures - removable flexible and elastic structure, designed to replace the lost teeth. They are made on the basis of a soft material whose color matched the color of the gums. In the past, dentures made of nylon are used only as a temporary replacement teeth, but now with the development of dental manufacturers have started to produce and permanent prosthesis made from this material.