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Treatment of Caries

Treatment of caries - it stops the infection process of destruction of tooth tissue. The caries process leads to the appearance of an unpleasant smell, disruption of tooth color, shape and function, and sometimes his loss, as well as to a decrease in immunity.

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening - precisely the procedure that will return them to the original whiteness and health, and you - the charm of an attractive, sunny smile. Causes of dental enamel color change can be varied.

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The wedge-shaped defect

The wedge-shaped defect of the teeth - it is not carious tooth loss. The wedge-shaped defect develops very, very slowly. Visually diagnose early stage it is impossible, even with careful examination

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Endodontic Treatment

Treatment of pulpitis - this is the most common complication of tooth decay. Treatment of periodontitis - treatment of the disease will depend on the form of inflammation in the apex.

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Caries Prevention

With the help of special equipment from the teeth are removed not only soft, but also hardened dental plaque - tartar, periodontal pockets are cleaned.

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Art Restoration

Restoration of teeth - the most sparing procedure correction and restoration of functional and aesthetic qualities of the tooth. As a result, your teeth quickly and budgetary return its original appearance.

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Ornaments on Teeth

Rhinestone (Skies) - dental jewelry. SKYCE (Skies) has an outer surface with a plurality of facets that reflect light at various angles as a genuine diamond.